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About Us

We’re experienced team of lawyers and attorneys at law from Chicago. We provide all kinds of legal services and you may be sure to win all cases with our help.

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The who


Our journey started in 2020, the firm being founded in the midst of a vast pandemic and the associated uncertainty of what the future would hold. Persistently pushing through this, we became a fully-fledged and a regulated Independent Financial Advisory firm that now services an array of clients from high-net-worth individuals and families to professional athletes. 

Being part of the greater Skybound Capital Group, our reach is truly global, with our extensive proprietary research capabilities allowing us to interpret information and identify relevant investment prospects.

Our key focus is to provide our clients with the confidence that their wealth is invested in global opportunities and in such a way that is consistently suitable to their objectives and personal circumstances, which change over time.

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The how


We seek to understand exactly what our clients require, and then we find solutions using our extensive network of partnered service providers. 

Our skill set and experience ranges from direct and indirect local & offshore investments – and the appropriate structuring thereof – retirement savings, pensions, protection solutions and tax planning, amongst other things.

We meticulously observe the markets, macro-economic conditions and global news feeds, and meet regularly with product providers to ensure the solutions we recommend and implement for clients are relevant, appropriate and tax efficient.

We are confident that we can cater to our clients’ numerous investment and financial needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

What we offer


Skybound Connect prides itself on being independent and having flexibility in providing advice. We create purpose-built holistic financial strategies.

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We are objective focused with an ethos and approach to formulating financial strategies based around personal goals, time horizons and individual circumstances. We seek to get to know and understand our clients on a personal level and to find out what is closest and most important to them.

With this very individual and specific information at hand, we are able to construct bespoke financial strategies that are unique to each of our clients. Strategies can comprise of focused investment portfolios, personal allowance considerations, protection and insurance policies, inheritance tax (IHT) mitigation and cashflow projections.

Core to our approach and fundamental to our Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) is our mantra of “minimising drawdowns, while maximising risk-adjusted returns”. We believe in a quality and a sound investment methodology that requires continued and strict diligence in our ongoing analysis of the investment universe.

Our Investment Committee remains cognisant of our commitment to our clients in ensuring our recommendations are true to a consistent and robust approach. We consider individual time horizons and client specific risk profiles in our construction of lowly correlated and suitable investment strategies.

Having the reassurance that those who are closest to us will be safe and financially secure in an unforeseen tragic circumstance is paramount to our approach. While wealth accumulation is often considered to be the most urgent outlook, it can often be that the preservation of that wealth proves to be of equal or even greater importance. We look to protect our clients, their families, and their wealth by considering the most suitable policies to fit a clients’ requirements:

• Life Assurance
• Critical Illness Cover
• Private Medical Insurance
• Income Protection
• Career Ending Insurance

Knowing where you want to go and having an understanding of what it will take to get there is integral to any investor’s journey. Through intuitive cashflow modelling, we produce graphical representations of possible outcomes on an investor’s path to reach their ultimate objectives. Taking into account personal milestones, market fluctuations and targeted rates of return, we are well equipped to work with our clients to produce powerful, informative cashflow forecasting models.

There are elements within a holistic financial plan that require specialists in certain fields. We align ourselves with professionals in these fields and lean on expert advice when it comes to providing our clients with the support team they need. We can make the necessary introductions to tax specialists, accountants and solicitors – to name a few – that have been vetted by us to provide excellence in their specific fields of expertise.

Life happens and things change. For better or worse – we are on that journey together with our clients. Our on-going service means that we take care of personal short, medium, and long-term strategies and continue to monitor them, ensuring they remain aligned with our clients’ objectives. This gives you the freedom to apply your time to those things that matter most and be confident that your financial affairs are in the right place.

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Centralised Investment Proposition

Our centralised investment proposition is based on core, fundamental principles to which we hold ourselves accountable. The key focus is to provide our clients with the confidence that their wealth is invested in global opportunities in a way that is suitable to their objectives and personal circumstances. Efficiency, diversification, and suitability is what we aim to achieve.
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Our Model Portfolio Strategy

The investment philosophy across our model portfolio strategies is to minimise drawdowns and maximise risk-adjusted returns, which allows for the faster compounding of capital in various market environments. Our model portfolio strategy encompasses various model portfolios, which caters for five distinct risk-profiles ranging from the very cautious investor to very aggressive investor.
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We believe that the real power of portfolio construction is achieved when one combines a group of assets with return streams that are minimally correlated to one another, targeting the highest possible return while exposed to the lowest possible risk. This process driven approach forms part of the foundation across all our model portfolio strategies.

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